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Make A Clamp 50' & 10 Splices

Make A Clamp 50' & 10 Splices

Use for all conventional worm drive clamp applications as well as for mounting, securing, strapping, clamping and positioning.  Superior to "crimp/buckle" banding and strapping products.  Kit includes 50' of continuous banding, 10 fasteners and 5 band splices. Make any size stainless steel clamp (radiator-style) you need for securing piping, hose, etc for many applications. Make clamps from 2" diameter up to 50'.

Item #: 671402
Item Desc: Make A Clamp 50' & 10 Splices
Weight: 5
Price Um: EA
Units/Pk: 1
Single Ply Tools & Equipment (SPS)