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Medium Capacity 2 Way Vent CNA

Medium Capacity 2 Way Vent CNA

Provides pressure equalization in roof system • Low cost, all-metal breather used for venting all types of insulation • Spun from heavy gauge aluminum • An extra wide base opening and security attached cap • An optional foam insert is available to prevent moisture from condensing on the inside of the standpipe • Simple & easy to install • Unique cap design shields against entry of wind-blown rain or snow • Flange may be coated with asphalt priming or PVC This vent is two way and air will travel in and out. Made in U.S.A. CNA = Cap Not Attached for ease of installation

Item #: 157070
Item Desc: Medium Capacity 2 Way Vent CNA
Weight: 1
Price Um: EA
Units/Pk: 30
Vents & Roof Accessories (DV)