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Raptor Tri-Rex Mobile Fall Car

Raptor Tri-Rex Mobile Fall Car

The LES RAPTOR Tri-RexTM mobile anchor cart allows for mobile and versatile fall protection for 3 person fall arrest and 2 person fall restraint.  The streamlined design incorporates a three-point front axle locking mechanism and is the only fall arrest cart with a locking engagement arm that ensures your anchor point to be locked into its deepest point of penetration during a fall.  Keep your workers safe and mobile with the Tri-RexTM.

 The Tri-RexTM meets and exceeds OSHA 1926.502(D).

  • Streamlined design
  • Added safety features including 3 point positive locking brakes & engagement arm lock
  • 3 workers on fall arrest
  • 2 workers on fall restraint
  • Advanced standard options including fork pockets, flat free tires, and 4 corner D rings for hoisting and securing during transport
  • Numerous additional options
  • US Patent Number: 8,240,431 B2
  • Made in America - manufactured to be the best quality in the industry
  • Compliant with OSHA regulation 1926.502(D)

Item #: 294400
Item Desc: Raptor Tri-Rex Mobile Fall Car
Weight: 1250
Price Um: EA
Units/Pk: 1
Fall Protection & Roof Safety (RS)
Length: 78" (w/o handle)
Width: 48"
Height: 53"
Tires: Solid Polyurethane 18x850
Platform Size: 78"x47"
Platform Height: 24"
Ground Clearance: 5-1/2"
Fall Arrest Capacity: 3 Workers (310lbs)
Fall Restraint Capacity: 2 Workers (310lbs)