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18" D Ring/Snaphook Shockpack

18" D Ring/Snaphook Shockpack

This 18" Extension Lanyard offers the convenient option of lengthening a full-body harness dorsal D-ring, making it easier to attach to. The snap hook component of the Extension Lanyard attaches directly to the dorsal D-ring, and then the Extension Lanyard D-ring becomes the new harness connection point. This product is ideal for workers who cannot comfortably reach their harness dorsal D-ring, as well as to attach a shock absorbing component to a lanyard that is not compatible for use in Fall Arrest applications. It is always important to consider the fully extended 18 inches of the shock absorber for fall clearance and free fall calculations.

Item #: 412332
Item Desc: 18" D Ring/Snaphook Shockpack
Weight: 2
Price Um: EA
Units/Pk: 1
Fall Protection & Roof Safety (RS)