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HS2000 Vangard 16 Swing Bm Hst

HS2000 Vangard 16 Swing Bm Hst

Ruggedly constructed, these Swing Hoists are ideal for handling heavy, bulky loads. These hoists are easily transported and assembled. Self-locking pins and basic hand tools join the components together to quickly build a strong, safe, reliable hoist. This 16hp Briggs Vanguard Hydraulic HydraPak, features power up and power down, putting the operator in complete control and a separate winch and power unit make the hoist extremely easy to handle. Features: High-strength steel tubing is used to build strong, reliable hoists. An exceptional boom design provides greater strength. Cable keeper provides added lifting stability. A split leg frame design makes transporting the hoist easy. Self locking pins permit quick and easy frame assembly. The winch is mounted to the frame with pins for quick assembly. Nesting ballast weights add safety in a convenient form. A protective fence provides additional safety for the operator. The Bi-Directional boom makes loading and unloading materials safe and fast. Allows the user to swing loads to either the right or left side for more flexibility.
This unit features a 16hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine and comes with a Heavy Duty Hydra Winch, Upper Limit Switch, 40 ballast weight block kits (fill with concrete at destination) and 700' of 1/4" wire rope.
NOTE: image shows NOT included, but AVAILABLE Gravel Bucket.

Item #: 63230W
Item Desc: HS2000 Vangard 16 Swing Bm Hst
Item Desc 2: with 16hp Vanguard & HD Winch
Weight: 1195
Price Um: EA
Units/Pk: 1
Hoisting Equipment (HE)