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LA Code Insulation Tape per FT

LA Code Insulation Tape per FT

Insulation tape for the surface between the tube system and vat of an asphalt kettle. Forms a gasket and helps keep the asphalt oils from weeping down the sides. Sold by the foot, but available in 100' rolls (53015R) for a better price. 140 kettle uses 6' 265 kettle uses 16' 380/400 kettle uses 18' 520/550 kettle uses 20' 750/785 kettle uses 18' 1000 kettle uses 25'

Item #: 530150
Item Desc: LA Code Insulation Tape per FT
Weight: 0.04
Price Um: FT
Units/Pk: 100
Roofmaster Kettles (KETTL)