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Best Buy Stand Up Handle

Best Buy Stand Up Handle

This universal handle attaches to all makes of nail guns including Button Kap, Senco, Hitachi, etc. Its patent-pending design allows for set up in minutes. Heavy-duty construction assures it will outlast your coil gun for many years (it has a 5-year unconditional warranty). Whether used for stand-up roofing applications, flooring, decking, or other construction projects, this tool will save your back! Ergonomically designed cushion handle grips reduce fatigue with all day usage. Adjusts to any angle (depending on gun configuration) and has a height adjustment to allow for different operator height.  Made in the USA

Item #: 756175
Item Desc: Best Buy Stand Up Handle
Weight: 0
Price Um: EA
Units/Pk: 4
Button Kap (NF1)