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4" U.Seal GRAY/LEAD Flash Tape

4" U.Seal GRAY/LEAD Flash Tape

U.Seal Self-Adhesive Sealing (Asphalt-based) Repair Tapes This self-adhesive metal-surfaced repair tape is used for flashings, repairs of all types and may be used on gutters & valleys, metals roofs, skylights, trailers, mobile homes, trucks, etc. It carries a 10-year guarantee by the manufacturer and is UV protected. A variety of finishes are available to match the surfaces it is applied on. Each roll has a special non-tear release backing that is easily removed and every roll is wrapped in cellophane with a paper liner to prevent sticking to other rolls. This repair tape should not be used on PVC or EPDM membranes. Standard stock sizes are 2", 4", 6", 9", 12" and 39". Other widths are available, but check availability.

Item #: 159434
Item Desc: 4" U.Seal GRAY/LEAD Flash Tape
Weight: 3.62
Price Um: EA
Units/Pk: 1
Membranes & Flashings (MEMF)